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This our landing page for our domain and it is mainly used by family members. The two Ziwes brothers Jesper and Morten are sons of Hanne and Felix Ziwes. Both Jesper and Morten are married to girls named Britt. Morten and Britt have two sons, Mads and Felix. Jesper and Britt have two daughters, Mille and Nanna. All of us are located in the northern part of Denmark. There are more Ziwes people out there, as we have relatives in Copenhagen, Denmark, Germany, France and Ukraine. In case you are one of them, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please go to the contact page for further information.

About Morten Ziwes

I am a dedicated father, husband, hunter, business owner, wine lover, watch afficionado and foodie. I enjoy the good things in life, but my main focus is my family and staying in shape, so I can have as much time on this wonderful planet as possible. I am engaged in protecting the environment and I support animal rights and sustainable environmental solutions to support a better future for all of us.




My family is my first priority. My boys and my wife are everything to me. I try to all the best I can to bring up strong, independent and well balanced boys who will live a happy life full of love and friendships. I work on being a better person than I was yesterday, every day. The positive energy and love I get from being with my two boys, give me qality of life beyond anything.

My soulmate

& best friend

It is amazing to be married to your best friend and your soulmate. I respect, honour and adore my lovely wife, who lets me be the best father, husband and man I can be. We have so much fun together, enjoy life together each day and we are both very aware of how blessed we are with eachothers great company. We love, live and laugh.




I have traveled to Scotland, Poland, Germany and Sweden to hunt the beautiful roebuck. I am particularly fond of European roebuck hunting. Over the years I have been able to harvest many bucks, among these good strong gold, silver and bronze medal trophies. The quiet mornings and the dramatic sunsets, when hunting for roebucks over the summer, are truly amazing.

Red deer



I am a passionated red deer hunter, who loves the great outdoors. I have high hunting ethics and will only harvest what I can eat. The hunt for the big danish red deer is something special to me. It takes patience and persistance out there in the wild nature up north where we hunt. This silver medal stag was the first medal trophy I have taken, after 27 years as a dedicated deerhunter.


& bird shooting

Walk up shooting woodcock is something special, that I really treasure. I love taking my old 20 gauge and my Land Rover Defender out to the distant forests and spend my time with a good friend and his dogs flushing woodcock and pheasants. Hunting wild birds in rough nature is something I really enjoy. At the same time I also enjoy the social aspects of a good pheasant shoot, with my good friends.


& good food


I truly enjoy a good glass of wine, be it red, white, sweet or bubbly. Reading about wine, production methods, vintages, vineyards, producers, regions and wine in general is something I'm very passionate about. Pairing wine with good food is even better, so lining up a great meal with great wine is something I really enjoy over the weekends. Visiting vineyards and wine producers across the globe,if I have the opportunity, is also something I truly enjoy.


Aalborg, Denmark

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